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 Post subject: Path of Exile: It doesn't matter if you choose the wrong job
 Post Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:47 pm 

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The Path of Exile S7 season has been open for ten days, and I have obtained a tons of PoE currency items. I also believe that many players’ first roles have already been completed. Regardless of the reason for choosing BD, is there a deeper understanding of this version at this point in time? Because the content of the game is more, it is impossible to have a BD that is perfectly compatible with all development directions. So, do you want to re-train a character like me?

In the previous article, there was a fan message saying that I would recommend a novice BD. Today, I also use this opportunity to recommend a low-cost BD for killing. The element makes – the winter treasure (the element makes the witch’s sublimation occupation) recommended reasons:
1. Skills are strong. After the last season’s precipitation, this season is the world of spells, so it is considered a strong skill, and in the international player statistics, the number of people using this skill ranks first in the total number of players.
2, the skill feels good, although it is a singing skill, can not move during the release process, but this skill is the same as the mine and other skills are automatically locked monsters. Compared to other skills that need to adjust the skill direction, it is much easier to kill the graph.
3, low cost, after a season of understanding, this skill’s method of injury has been probably clear, no special equipment is bound. Of course, the investment and the return are proportional, just that the low cost can satisfy our daily killing chart and attack.

Skill connection:
Winter Pearls – Irrigation Can sing – Precision Destruction – Concentration Effect – High Order Multiple Projection – Frozen
Increased injury skills: Cold Frost – hit additional curse – frostbite – mystery enhancement
Jetlite Ring: The Ice of the Ice – Storming – Frostbite – Lightning Dominant. The Ashes of the Lightning of the Lightning (Because of the sublimation of the elements, the benefits of the opening of the three Czech Republic)
Displacement Skills: Fire from the Sky Sprint – Quick Cast
Protection skills: Injury release – immortal roar – extended duration

Talent Sublimation: Talents in the process of land reclamation take priority to improve the output of talent points, before the 70th level of the plot clearance, you can receive free wash points, the defense talent point to fill. (This talent map is ninja handling, 93 damage ranked first) thieves recommended full kill.

Pharmacy recommendation:
1. Sulphur Flask – Improves recharge, immune bleeding
2, Quicksilver Flask – improve the speed
3. Bismuth Flask (The Wise Oak) – Allows Ice from Above to penetrate up to 10% ice resistance when fitted
4, Amethyst Flask (Aritz’s promise, also known as The Queen water) – increase damage
5, life pharmacy – immediate reply, immune poisoning

Equipment recommendation: The article said at the beginning that this BD has no binding equipment, so here is only recommended for the situation of wanting to improve the output later. (Remember: unbound, want to improve can find equipment in terms of spell damage, range damage, project damage, element damage, cast speed)

Jewelry Recommendations: The suffixes we can eat are suffixed with “Continuous Damage Increase, Increased Spell Damage when Dual Hold, Increased Ice from Above Damage, Improved Projectile Damage, Increased Range Damage”. No binding to unique jewelry, just look for the suffix that you can eat, and there are not many jewel holes in the talent.

All recommended items are just suggestions for improving BD damage, not necessary. Welcome to discuss unreasonable places, but please don’t be brainless.

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